ChiroThin – The Results Are In!!

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Why did I try ChiroThin? Over the summer I hit my highest weight and at my yearly physical my A1C was in the pre-diabetic range. The doctor wanted me to go on medications or to see an Endocrinologist about lowering it. I decided to go the Endocrinologist route but before they would even see me they wanted me to start taking medications. I knew if I made the choice to eat healthier I could lower it myself and not go on a medication that I most likely would never get off of. After a couple months of healthy eating I got back to my “normal weight” and my A1C was back to healthy range. I decided this was a good wakeup call and I made the commitment in October to really focus on getting to a healthy weight. I started another popular program that involved eating small meals 5 times a day and then a normal meal. It was very convenient and didn’t involve a lot of prep but I wasn’t a fan of the food and how much soy was also in it. It was working though so I stuck it out for 6-8 weeks to use up my food I purchased. Overall, I got down to my lowest weight in a year and was down about 15 pounds. I still wasn’t where I wanted to be though, especially going into the winter season. While I was doing my other program I got the info about ChiroThin and decided it was worth doing the free consultation to see if it would be a good fit. I loved that I could use my FSA account and this was the deciding factor for me. Overall I lost 25.2 pounds, 16.16 inches in six weeks and am at a weight I haven’t been in 8 years since before I got married! If you are serious about wanting to get healthier it is a great program. It’s not always easy but there will be temptations in any program and if you take some time each week to plan your grocery list/meals and prep some meals for each day it was much easier to not have excuses. And the best thing is you have an excuse not to work out for 6 weeks! If you stick with the program you will see results. There were only a couple days that my weight didn’t go down and those were usually days I cheated but you just get back on plan the next day and you’ll see results again. It is also possible to still eat out and go to events it just takes some pre-planning and checking out the menus ahead of time. The end goal is worth the discipline. My advice is find what works for you. In my case it was pitas. I ate 1/2 a pita at almost every meal or the flatouts were good too. Find variety so you don’t get bored with what you are eating. I also found it helpful to set an alarm so I did not miss taking my drops. Oasis staff are also very encouraging! – Angela

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