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Why Choose Oasis Chiropractic In Cottage Grove?

Top 10 Reasons to Visit Our Office

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We have three chiropractors that work together to provide a higher quality of care.

Meet the exceptional trio at the core of Oasis Chiropractic P.A.: Dr. Eric Hahn, Dr. Alex Sheppard, and Dr. Makenzie. Dr. Eric and Dr. Alex, Northwestern Chiropractic College graduates of 2002, solidified their partnership through shared experiences in advanced seminars. Their unified vision birthed Oasis Chiropractic PA in February 2003, rooted in an unswerving dedication to exceptional patient care.

Dr. Makenzie, a 2016 Northwestern Health Sciences University Doctorate of Chiropractic graduate, was immersed in chiropractic culture from childhood, being raised by chiropractor parents. Her upbringing instilled a deep-seated passion for natural medicine from an early age. Her expertise and commitment further enrich our team, offering diverse perspectives steeped in genuine care.

What distinguishes Oasis Chiropractic? It's the convergence of three distinct viewpoints, ensuring a comprehensive, triple-layered approach to your health. With our collaborative ethos, we promise tailored care—an embodiment of our unwavering dedication to your holistic well-being.

We take full spine digital x-rays.

Less radiation, clearer images, and the ability to enlarge and transfer images allows us to be more accurate, use less force, and achieve a faster correction.

We show you the results.

Most chiropractors claim to correct misalignments in the spine. We can show you the difference not only in how you feel but also on the x-rays. Before and after x-rays are taken to see the cause of the problem and to see the amazing improvements.

We are trained to use advanced technology for testing the nerve system.

Computerized nerve scans show us how the nerves are working. We utilize Thermography and surface EMG. This allows us a safe, effective way to monitor your progress.

We have attended many hours of advanced training to learn multiple techniques.

We utilize the best technique for the specific patient instead of forcing the patient to fit a single technique. This allows us to help everyone from infants, to elderly adults, including anyone who has had spinal injuries or surgery.

We work to have low overhead allowing us to offer the highest quality care at a very affordable fee.

We provide care for the whole family.

Many of our patients want their family to have the same benefits they have experienced such as increased energy, better digestion, better attitude, increased ROM, increased resistance to illness, and improved sleep. We designed family plans to make care more affordable for families.

We educate our patients.

The chiropractors have spent five years and 4500 hours in school learning about the spine, nervous system and what makes people healthy. This number does not include the four year undergraduate degrees and the 1000s of hours spent in seminars learning the most advanced health care information. We pass out this information in the form of handouts, classes and free reports so our patients can have the same education. We have found that this education allows people to make the best health care decisions for themselves and their families.

We live and teach the wellness lifestyle.

Our goal is to be the healthiest doctor for our patients. There is a difference between having no pain and being really, really, healthy. We will teach you how to strive to reach your life’s full potential. We teach lectures and provide individual counseling on proper eating, time management, and stress management. We won’t tell you to do something that we wouldn’t do ourselves. If you want to be one of the healthiest people on the planet you are in the right place.

We will teach you vital stretches and exercises to maximize the benefits of chiropractic.

We want to permanently correct problems and teach you the tools to strengthen your body.