Car Accidents

Why should I get checked with a chiropractor after a car accident?

  • Many problems don’t show up for days, weeks or months after a car accident. Many insurance companies know this and want you to sign the medical release as soon as possible. Unfortunately, we have met many people who thought they were fine only to find out down the road that they had significant problems later in life that started with an undetected injury from a car accident.
  • Your car insurance will cover 100% of your exam and care. Minnesota is considered a no-fault state. This means that it doesn’t matter whose fault the car accident was, your own personal car insurance will cover you to get checked. This is to prevent delays in care. We will handle the billing for you.
  • We have advanced technology for detecting problems with the spine that may cause future problems. Scans of the nervous system and digital X-rays can pick up these problems immediately.
  • Undetected problems attempt to heal with scar tissue and adhesions that make problems hard to fix and more expensive in the future.
  • If the spine is in alignment the body heals faster.

We recommend that everyone who is in a car accident get their spine checked, especially if traveling you were traveling more than 8 miles per hour**. We will meet with you and discuss your best course of action to get your body working again. Sometimes care is as simple as showing you the correct stretches and exercises to do at home. If we can help you we will let you know and if we need to refer you for the additional care we can direct you in the correct direction. In addition to chiropractic, we work closely with massage therapists, physical therapist, MRI, acupuncture, neurologist, and an orthopedic specialist.

**”magnification of accelerations” performed by D.M. Severy (project manager for Automobile Crash Injury Research), CO. Bechtol, M.D. (Chief of Orthopedic Surgery, School of Medicine, Yale University), and J.H. Matthewson (Professor of Engineering and Assistant Director of the Institute of Transportation and Traffic Engineering, University of California), reveals that two G’s of force is generated by an 8.2 mph rear end collision. This force is transferred into the front automobile in 100 milliseconds. Using the “Law of Magnification of Acceleration,” these researchers show how the initial two G’s of force is magnified to four G’s of force at the shoulders of the passengers and driver of the front vehicle in approximately 240 milliseconds, and five G’s of force at their heads in approximately 260 milliseconds at which time the energy from the “Law of Conservation of Linear Momentum” multiplied by the “Law of Magnification Acceleration” is exerted on the occupants’ heads and necks, causing this area to violently “whip” backward at 160 feet a second.

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