7 Secrets to Not Getting Sick

top ten ideas for cold and flu season

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Are you constantly battling a cold, cough, or flu? Are you ready to not only feel better but function better? By following these 7 secrets you will help your body fight away any illness. Each secret is a positive step towards changing your health for the better!

7 secrets to not getting sick

1. Get More Exercise, Avoid TV, Videos Games – Exercise increases your body’s ability to learn and remember. 

Exercise increases metabolism which will trigger your immune system to respond faster.  Exercise will raise your body’s temperature which can cook off viruses and bacteria.    Exercise helps offset damage from mental stress.  During stressful times we need more exercise to offset stress. Recommendation minimum 30 minutes / day.

2. Eat more organic fruits and vegetables; Avoid the white stuff – sugar, flour, dairy.

Fruits and vegetables are full of beneficial vitamins, minerals and enzymes needed to help your immune system run effectively.  It is better to buy organic for a couple of reasons.  1. There are more nutrients in organic foods.  2. There are less neurologically toxic chemicals in organic foods.   The problem with refined sugar is that causes problems with learning and weakens the immune system.  A protein in dairy called casein causes digestion and congestion problems.

3. Drink more water and less pop, coffee, juice, milk.

Your body is made up of 80% water; everything other than water is less effective.  Think about every other animal on the planet, what do they drink?  Filtered water is better.  Pop and most juices are full of sugar which destroys the immune system.  Coffee and alcohol dehydrate your body.  Milk increases phlegm and mucous production, and contributes to allergies, poor lymph drainage, sinus infections and ear infections.  For babies, breast milk is the best food.

4. Healthy nervous Avoid drugs and get chiropractic adjustments. 

The nervous system controls all functions of the body including the immune system.  The spine protects the nervous system.  Make sure your spine is healthy so that your nervous system has the best chance of optimal function.  All drugs have side effects; many of these side effects alter the function of the nervous system and immune system.   Some drugs prevent your body from operating the way that it is supposed to.

5. Adequate sleep before midnight but don’t lie around.

Your body recovers while at rest.  Go to bed early because your body will use more energy while fighting off viruses and bacteria, so it is important to get adequate rest.  Do not lie around.  You were designed to move; inactivity leads to illness.  Think about stagnant water.   

6. Encouragement and positive attitude

There is a saying “If you think you can your right and if you think you can’t your also right.  Your mind is very powerful.  Everyone needs a lot of positive reinforcement.  It is easier to be in a good mood instead of a bad mood.

7. Vitamins and Supplements.

We are taught in the USA that we must swallow something to get healthy.  Vitamin C, selenium, zinc are needed to allow your immune system to work.  Zinc attaches to our cells instead of the virus.  This blocks the virus so our immune system can find and destroy the viruses.  Garlic is a powerful antibacterial and also helps detoxify the body.  Most essential oils have antibacterial qualities and have varying physical and emotional effects depending on the oil.  Common ways to use essential oils include: aromatherapy, massaging them into the skin, adding them to bathwater, using them in a compress, burning them in a diffuser.  Probiotics are the normal bacteria that are supposed to be in our systems, unfortunately poor diets and medications can kill off these healthy bacteria.  Essential Fatty Acids are also called Omega 3 or fish oil.  You need a proper ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3.  When your body is out of proportion you end up damaging your nervous system and immune system. Thus leading to illness.

Our bodies are designed to heal themselves from the inside-out. By incorporating these 7 secrets into daily routine you will be on the right track for health and wellness. At Oasis Chiropractic we want to help you get started towards better health and function. Please contact us with any questions and to begin the healing process.

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