When dealing with concussions, we are finding it is far more beneficial to prevent concussion than to try to fix the damage after the fact. At Oasis Chiropractic & Wellness Center we evaluate athletes with a baseline concussion test to have a starting point to compare the athlete to.

Baseline Concussion Testing

It is important to have a qualified professional evaluate an athlete prior to competition so that if an incident occurs you will have a baseline to compare to.

Without a baseline concussion test you will be guessing when the athlete is fully recovered. If an athlete returns to play too early after having a concussion that is when they are at a much higher risk. Second impact syndrome is a much more serious problem.


We have comprehensive evaluation process to determine if you truly have a concussion and subsequently when you are fully recovered from a concussion.

We evaluate for some of the common signs and symptoms of concussion: Some of the other things that are evaluated include Maddock Questions, facial and eye function, short term memory, long term memory, cranial nerve function, balance, coordination, reaction time, color and pattern recognition, impulse control and problem solving.

Download the Base line Concussion Test 

Return to Play Notes

Minnesota state high school league rules require an athlete to have a return to play note from a qualified professional prior to returning to play in most sports. Many youth sports have adopted the same guidelines. We are qualified to write the return to play notes.

After being cleared to return to play we recommend the following return to play plan:

1. No activity, complete rest until symptoms resolve
2. Light aerobic exercise (walking, cycling)
3. Sport specific exercise, skating, running, swinging a bat
4. Non contact training drills
5. Full contact training *only with medical clearance note
6. Return to game play

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