Dr. Megan Eckdahl

Meet Dr. Megan Eckdahl

The Female Chiropractor in Cottage Grove, MN


Why Did I Become A Chiropractor?

I grew up in Loretto, MN, west of the Twin Cities, with my parents, older sister, and younger brother. I was very active in school, band, choir, and sports growing up. Having my share of gymnastic and softball injuries I started having low back and leg/shin pain. After months of stretching, icing, and taping my shins and ankles I was tired of living with the pain. My mother brought me to the chiropractor. He explained to me how the alignment of my back affects my hips and legs. After a few tests he was able to show me the core problem of why I was having shin splints. He adjusted my back and my back pain was gone. I was also able to run and tumble without the burning ache in my shins. I was amazed! I also saw him for my chronic stomach aches and digestive problems. He explained how my nervous system controls all my organs and when my back is out of alignment the nerves to those organs, especially my stomach and intestines, are not functioning at 100%. Getting adjusted really helped my overall function.

What Is My Educational Background And Training?

After high school I attended University of Minnesota Duluth, graduated in the top 10% of my class with a Bachelors in Biology. I was aspiring to have a career in the medical field, but did not know what direction I should go. After many career fairs, research, and shadowing different jobs my mother mentioned becoming a chiropractor. I was interested right away and began shadowing different chiropractors in my area. I was intrigued on how a chiropractor could work with their hands, educate their patients and the public, as well as work with nutrition, radiology, and physical therapy. Remembering how getting adjusted drastically changed my life in high school I knew this was the career for me.

I attended Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington, Mn to obtain my doctorate in Chiropractic. After 10 trimesters of Chiropractic College, amongst dozens of seminars, trainings, internships, and lectures I graduated in November of 2012 with magnum cum laude. My last internship was with Oasis Chiropractic P.A. in Cottage Grove, Mn. After interning there for a few months a wonderful job opportunity opened up. I started full time in December 2012. 

Dr. Megan Eckdahl Has Specialized Training In:

• Woman’s Health

• Pediatrics

• Family Health and Wellness

• Nutrition

• Auto accident injury care

• Headache/Migraine

• Neck and Back Pain


• University of Minnesota Duluth, 2008

• Northwestern Health Sciences University, 2012

Professional Organizations:

• Master Networks (President of Cottage Grove, MN Chapter)

• Cottage Grove Chamber

• Cottage Grove Chamber Woman In Business

• Wow ( Woman Of Wealth)