January 22, 2018

Chiropractor Competency Checklist – Part 2

Does your chiropractor provide specific care, continuing education and follow-up x-rays?


  • Follow up x-rays are needed to evaluate progress, to track the restructuring of the spine and the degenerative process. If the doctor does not provide follow-up x-rays, question the doctor how he or she will know, without a doubt, if your spine is improving from one point in time to the next?  Ask to see examples of follow up x-rays of other patients the doctor has worked with, this will allow you to see that the doctor can in fact fix your spine.


  • Everyone needs continued education for healthcare. Your doctor should offer you a means to educate yourself or provide a class setting. Ask your doctor if they provide educational orientation classes as you begin your chiropractic care to help you understand how to care for your spine properly and make wise choices for your health’s sake.


  • Specific care for each individual.  Unfortunately many care recommendations are based on the amount that insurance will pay.  All insurances companies have limits, many times limits are not fully disclosed until months later.  When this happens you may receive a hefty bill for care that the insurance company was billed for.  Ask your doctor to thoroughly explain their relationship with the various insurance companies. You should look for a doctor who is not restricted by an insurance company on how they provide care for you.


  • The doctor you choose should not only be interested in you, but should have a deep desire to encourage your entire family to strive for total health. After all, if the doctor and you believe that you should receive life extending chiropractic care, it only makes sense that they should have family plans available that makes care affordable for the entire family.