January 22, 2018

Chiropractor Competency Checklist

Many doctors say they are interested in you and your health. But do their actions support that statement? At Oasis Chiropractic, we want our patients to know how much we care. That’s why we put together several points that every chiropractor should offer, so you know what doctor best meets your needs. We invite you to use these points to help you, your friends, and your family find the best chiropractor.

These are some key points that need to happen on your 1st visit to a chiropractor:

1.  There are a couple of minimal standards that each doctor should do that seem like common sense, but unfortunately some doctors don’t even meet these minimal standards.  The doctor should definitely ask you questions about your past and current health.  You know your body, and if the doctor takes the time to ask the right questions, and the right amount of questions, the cause of the problem can be found.


2.  Does the doctor take full spine x-rays? To see is to know; to not see is to guess. A good chiropractor or any doctor should not be willing to guess about your health. Full spine x-rays, not just “spot” x-rays are the only way to see how your body is working.  The newest form of x-rays are called motion x-rays.  By taking motion x-rays, your chiropractor can assess spinal function and structure.  Often times a problem in your neck can be the cause of your lower back pain or vise versa.  Full spine x-rays allow the doctor to know the extent of the damage, the amount of time the problem has existed, and what would be needed to restore spinal health.


3.  Palpating (the action by the doctor of feeling your spine with his or her hands) the point of concern seems common sense, but with technology many doctors rely more on a machine than on the most significant information that can only be found by touching the patient.


4.  Does the doctor you are interviewing utilize the latest in diagnostic equipment and techniques? Such as a Surface EMG test? This test is similar to an “EKG” for the heart. It uses hand held electrodes that are placed over the muscles of the neck and back to identify the exact location of abnormal muscle activity. The benefit of this test is that it is painless, quick and most importantly, it helps the doctor determine what further evaluations or tests may or may not be necessary! Discover how you “measure up” to normal!


These are just some of the tests available at Oasis Chiropractic.  If you have a health problem you are concerned about, please call our office for a free consultation, 651-458-5565.