Chiropractic Spinal Care Rehab

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At Oasis Chiropractic PA in Cottage Grove, MN we believe it is important to maintain good spinal health for flexibility, strength, and maintaining your spine and back.  In this article I will discuss what chiropractic spinal care rehab is, what it is used for, why chiropractic rehab is needed, and what are some of the rehab tools at Oasis Chiropractic PA.  Just like going to the gym, where you build stronger muscles and improve your flexibility, spinal care rehab is geared towards strengthening your spine and core to prevent future injuries or problems.

Chiropractic spinal care rehab

What Is Chiropractic Spinal Care Rehab?

What can you do to prevent your injury from coming back?  At Oasis Chiropractic PA we can get you on the right, healthy track after an injury.   Adjusting your spine with corrective spinal care and rehab will allow your body to progress and get stronger after an injury.  It is important to maintain your spine not just after an injury but as part of your wellness and total body health.  It is just like you maintaining your teeth, your home, or your car for the rest of your life.  Learning how to keep your spine in good shape is important, as it is the only thing that protects your nervous system.  Getting adjusted and by following up with exercises and spinal care rehab will allow your ligaments, tendons, and muscles to heal correctly.

Isn’t It Enough To Just Exercise And Stretch While You Are At Oasis Chiropractic?

No, we recommend you exercise and stretch daily at home or a gym as well to continue strengthening your back and core.  We provide follow-up exercises and stretches as part of your daily spinal care routine.  We value the importance of correct spinal care and take the time to educate our patients on proper technique and specific stretches or exercises for their condition.  At Oasis Chiropractic we start you out with our spinal care rehab tools and then give you the exercise to follow-up at home.  After you get your adjustment it is important to stretch and exercise the specific ligaments and muscles to start the healing process.  After an injury ligaments and muscles that support the spine can become unstable. It takes time for healing and through these specific exercises you can get on the right track to prevent future injuries.

Is Exercise Just For Ligaments?

No, soft tissue injuries are injuries that occur to everything but your bones. So it is not just the ligaments and the muscles, but it is also the tendons and the tendon attachments. When you undergo chiropractic adjustments, it helps the body realign the vertebrae, allowing your body to start the healing process. However, it is also important to strengthen the actual ligaments, tendons, and muscles surrounding the vertebrae to have a stable, flexible spine.

spinal rehabCan’t An Injury Just Heal Itself Without Exercise Or Spinal Rehab?

Depending on the severity of an injury it may require chiropractic care, exercise, and spinal care rehab to help the healing process. Sometimes when we stretch muscles they act like a rubber band, they stretch and tighten up again. This is how we typically stretch at the gym before working out. Unfortunately when we injure a muscle or ligament, it builds scar tissue as it heals and becomes more like stretching plastic. Plastic doesn’t stretch as easy and take longer time to stretch. This type of stretching becomes more of a permanent change. That is why a condition could keep reoccurring. The structure is no longer stable and could cause more problems. During an injury, bones can become misaligned, ligaments strained, and muscles sprained, hence inflammation sets in. This increased stress on the spine and your nervous system can manifest as pain or decreased function elsewhere in your body. Hence, it is important to properly take care of your spine and help the healing process by getting your spine checked by a chiropractor. Through corrective spinal care and specific exercises, stretches, and spinal rehab you will be better able to accomplish your goals.

Why Is Chiropractic Spinal Care Rehab Needed?

Is it just plain exercise we need or specific exercises? When you do the wrong exercises you could be reinforcing the problem and could potentially harm yourself. Specific exercises allow you to improve your spinal range of motion, muscle integrity, and strength of your spine. By getting on an exercise program that is designed to specifically strengthen those ligaments and muscles will allow the bone move and the body to heal. It takes about 4-6 weeks for ligaments to heal so it is important to keep those exercises ongoing.

What Rehab Tools Does Oasis Chiropractic Have For Corrective Spinal Care Rehab To Help Increase Your Flexibility And Strengthen Your Spine?

Click on the video below to see how the wobble chair can increase the disk space between the bones of your spine. This also gives flexibility and range of motion to your low back and pelvis

What Rehab Tools Does Oasis Chiropractic Have For Shoulder Injuries?

Click below to see how Thera-bands can strengthen your shoulders after an injury

What Rehab Tools Does Oasis Chiropractic Have For Your Upper Back And Cervical Curve Of Your Neck?

Click here to see how we strengthen your mid and upper back

Your Turn …

If you have had an injury and profited from exercise and using chiropractic rehab tools please  comment below and share with our readers your experience.

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