Benefits Of Chiropractic Adjustments For Your Children

You’ve heard about kids going to the chiropractor for a variety of reasons and your friend takes her child to the chiropractor, is there any benefit for a child to receive a chiropractic adjustment?

1. Children who get adjusted are happier and better behaved because they have a healthier spine and nervous system.

2. Kids that get adjusted, don’t get sick as often. Your body has an amazing ability to fight off disease; adjustments allow your body’s immune system to work at its optimum. Kids that do get sick, don’t stay sick as long and don’t get as sick. This means fewer trips to the pediatrician, less medication, and fewer missed days of work and school.

3. Improved concentration in school means better grades. Adjustments enhance blood flow to the brain and improve communication between the brain and the sensory organs of the body, which leads to better learning ability.

4. Increased sports and athletic performance. You don’t have to be a star athlete to enjoy these benefits. Athletes in a study were evaluated in 11 different categories including agility, balance, power, and reaction time. The athletes receiving chiropractic care showed significant improvement by over 30% in all categories.
*Lauro A Mouch B. Chiropractic: The Journal of Chiropractic Research and Clinical Investigation 1991; 6 84-87

5. Better adaptation to their growing and changing body while they learn to crawl, walk, run, and play sports. Adjustments help kids deal with the mental stresses from school, parents, and peer pressure.

6. Improved nerve function allows the body to heal itself of many chronic childhood conditions such as:
Asthma, Allergies, Colic, Ear Infections, Bed Wetting, Scoliosis, ADHD, and Growing Pains just to name a few.

7. Preventative adjustments decrease the chance of future spine problems that may lead to arthritis, degenerative disc disease, scoliosis, carpal tunnel, back pain, and headaches.

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How Does Chiropractic Help Kids?

You have heard that chiropractors can help adults with back pain. But if you are like most people, you will be surprised that children need chiropractic care, too. You will be even more surprised when you learn why….


  • Asthma causes more school absences than any other single pediatric disorder. In the United States, 15 million people suffer from asthma; 14.8 million of those are children under the age of 18. Did you know that asthma causes more school absences and hospitalizations than any other childhood illness?
  • In a recent study of 81 children with asthma who were treated with chiropractic care, 90.1% of them showed improvement with chiropractic adjustments. The results of the study concluded chiropractic care is a safe, drug free, health care approach where the patient perceived improved respiration, improved quality of life, and less frequent asthma attacks.


  • Allergy is the 3rd most common chronic disease among children under 18 years old. Overuse of antibiotics during childhood has been linked to increased allergy-related conditions in children and through to adulthood.
  • One of the best ways to boost immune system function is to improve nervous system function. A good diet, adequate exercise, and chiropractic adjustments will help fight allergies naturally.


  • If the nervous system has any interference, the brain receives improper signals and neurological symptoms like ADD/ADHD could be present.
  • Did you know that Ritalin and cocaine affect the brain in almost identical ways?

Bed Wetting

  • In one study, 171 children suffering with enuresis averaged 7 nights of bed wetting per week prior to the study. After the children were given some initial chiropractic care the average child reduced the number of “wet” nights to 4 nights per week. In addition, only 1% of the children were considered “dry” prior to the study and prior to receiving chiropractic care. After the study, 15% of the children were then considered “dry”.

Ear Infections

  • One of the most common reasons parents seek chiropractic care is for ear infections. Almost 2 out of 3 children will have a middle ear infection before the age of 3. The cause of ear infections can be either bacterial or viral and typically result from another illness. For many children this can become a chronic problem requiring a lot of treatment and increasing the risk of permanent hearing damage and developmental problems.
  • The standard treatment for ear infections is antibiotics, which will only be effective if the problem is bacterial. However, research studies fail to show that antibiotics are any more effective than the body’s own immune system.
  • Chiropractic care aids in the drainage of the middle ear and improves immune function. Studies have shown, “after receiving a series of chiropractic adjustments, nearly 80% of the children treated were free of ear infections for at least the six-month period following their initial visits.”

**Children are our future**

It is important that they have the best chance to reach their full potential subluxation free.

That is why we have affordable family plans and reduced prices for children.

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How Do I Minimize My Allergies?

Springtime is in the air.  Flowers and leaves are blooming.  Each day is getting longer and longer. That’s great, right?

However for many of us, when we hear that “Spring is in the air,” our minds concentrate on months of drippy noses, itchy eyes as well as sneezing. We’re most likely to stop and grab a handful of tissues compared to stop and smelling the spring flowers.

minimize allergies

About 25 percent of the population suffers from allergies, especially during the spring and fall when tree, grass and flower pollens, mold and other particles are all carried in the air. In this article we will discuss 9 tips to a healthy immune system & how to reduce inflammation to help minimize your allergies.

What Are The Symptoms Of Allergies? 

While an immune reaction to a foreign invader, such as a fever to kill a virus, is a sign of a healthy immune system, when you have a strong reaction to a whiff of grass or flower pollen your immune system is overreacting. Symptoms range from itchy eyes and throat, sneezing, runny nose, sinus congestion, asthma, post-nasal drip, headaches, foggy thinking, fatigue, and even diarrhea.

Does Having Allergies = An Impaired Immune System? 

It’s important to note that all allergies, whether they occur only in the spring or year-round, are a reflection of an impaired immune system.   A common myth is that allergies are caused by allergens such as pollens, house mites, dust or other such substances. While it is true that these types of things trigger allergic symptoms, the underlying cause is a malfunctioning immune system.

Countless people experiencing allergies have actually benefited from chiropractic care, although chiropractic treatment is not a specific allergic reaction therapy. Why does it work? Since chiropractic is a technique of all-natural health care that helps your body to operate at its optimal level. If you are suffering from allergies chiropractic care could help you.

Here Are 9 Tips To A Healthy Immune System & How To Reduce Inflammation: 

Tip #1 – Aerobic Exercise 

Exercise increases your metabolism that will trigger your immune system to respond faster.  Exercise helps offset damage from mental stress.  Recommendation 30 minutes / day.  Make sure to get enough sleep so your body can recover. Before midnight is best.

eat fruits and vegetablesTip #2 – Eat More Organic Fruits & Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are full of beneficial vitamins, minerals and enzymes needed to help your immune system run effectively.  If your body does not have the right ingredients it is impossible for the immune system to work correctly.  A good multi vitamin / multi mineral is OK for supplementation but not adequate to supply all the essential nutrients.   It is better to buy organic for a couple of reasons. There are usually more vitamins and minerals in organic foods.  There are less toxic chemicals in organic foods.

Tip #3 – Avoid The White Stuff – Sugar, Flour, Dairy & Other Foods That Cause Food Sensitivities.

The most common food sensitivities are wheat, corn, milk, and eggs.   These create extra inflammation and worsen allergy symptoms.

Tip #4 – Drink More Water & Less Pop, Coffee, Alcohol, Juice, & Milk.

Your body is made up of 80% water; everything other than water is less effective.  Think about every other animal on the planet, what do they drink?  Filtered water is better.  Pop and most juices are full of sugar which destroys the immune system and lead to growth of yeast.  Coffee and alcohol dehydrate your body.  Proteins called casein in milk increases phlegm and mucous production, and contributes to allergies, poor lymph drainage, sinus infections, and ear infections.

healthy nervous systemTip #5 – Healthy Nervous System.

Avoid drugs and get chiropractic adjustments.  The nervous system controls all functions of the body including the immune system.  The spine protects the nervous system.  Make sure your spine is healthy so that your nervous system has the best chance of optimal function.  All drugs have side effects; many of these side effects alter the normal function of the body including the nervous system and immune system.

Tip #6 – Vitamins

Vitamin E Researchers found that every additional milligram (mg) of vitamin E consumed in the diet lowered antibody (IgE) levels by more than 5%, with the beneficial effect leveling off at 7 mg of vitamin E per day Vitamin A, D, and C, selenium and zinc are needed for a healthy immune system.

probioticsTip #7 – Probiotics

The normal bacteria that are supposed to be in our systems.  Poor diets and medications such as birth control and antibiotics kill off these healthy bacteria.  Healthy bacteria help break down food, make important nutrients, and control yeast, mold, and other bacteria.

Tip #8 – Essential Fatty Acids:  Called Omega 3 Or Fish Oil.

The ratio of omega 6 to omega 3 fatty acids in both your diet and your body should be 1:1.  Too much omega 6 or too little omega 3 leads to improper cell function, which causes excessive inflammation, decreased immune function and increased susceptibility to virtually every chronic illness.

Tip #9 – Sinatrol

Sinatrol is a natural supplement which works great for those with plugged stuffy noses.  Sinatrol has N-Acetyl Cysteine in it, which is a powerful mucolytic that helps break down mucus allowing sinuses to drain. This makes conditions in the sinus cavities less conducive for bacteria and fungus to grow. Immune enhancing agents in Sinatrol, such as andrographis and siberian ginseng help support the body’s natural defenses. Recent studies show andrographis helps significantly reduce the severity, duration and symptoms of the common cold. Turmeric and Bromelain reduce inflammation that can contribute to sinus pressure and pain, and another agent, Berberine Sulfate, has natural antibiotic properties.

adjusting backChiropractic Care & Allergies 

Although chiropractic care is not a treatment for allergies, it releases the tension on the nerves allowing the body’s immune system to function better. Chiropractic care is a hands on, gentle technique designed to reduce subluxations in the spine. Subluxation, is a term that refers to a vertebrae in the spine that is out of alignment that can cause stress, tension, and interference on the nervous system. Chiropractic care not only straightens the back and neck but it allows the body to recover and heal from within. The physical body’s capacity to heal itself is a huge benefit to those suffering from allergies. A healthy nervous system means a healthy immune system, allowing a person’s body to function better and fight an allergic reaction more naturally. You might benefit from regular chiropractic care if you have any health concerns or dealing with allergic reactions to a substance. Chiropractic care is dedicated to helping a person’s body function in a greater state of health, thus allowing the body to do what it was built to do.

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Why Healthy Children Need Chiropractic Help

How does chiropractic help children stay healthy without medications? A normal working nervous system can help children stay healthy. Thinking about putting your child on medications?  Does it feel like they are going through a stage and you’re hoping they grown out of it?  If you’re asking questions like this, stop by our office. The purpose of this blog post is to help you better recognize your child’s unique health requirements and attend to some common questions that you may have regarding chiropractic for children.

children chiropractic

Is Chiropractic Care Different For Children?

Yes, chiropractic care for children is different than adults. Generally, children react much faster and much more exceptionally to chiropractic treatment compared to adults. Adjustments to children are modified based on their weight and age. Their adjustments are gentle and often require no more pressure than you would use to test the ripeness of a tomato. Children in our office appreciate their chiropractic care and anticipate their visits.

Why Should Children Get Adjusted?

Children are more prone to trauma in their spinal columns from all their numerous activities. What happens is that these micro traumas can subluxate the vertebrae of the spine. Subluxations are areas of your child’s spine that interfere or distort controlling nerve impulses between the brain and the body. This can put stress on their spinal nerves and reduce their bodies’ capacity to operate normally. Although symptoms such as pain and malfunction may not show up for years, injury to their essential nervous system could have a life time of destructive results. Only a chiropractic examination can tell if subluxations are involved.

Watch this video, “Should my children get adjusted”:


When Should They Get Adjusted?

When we are born there can be destructive effects to the spine or hips. What about natural childbirth?  Natural birth can be difficult  for  the baby and might have  resulted in uncorrected  trauma.  Children that have ear-infections, colic,  sleep disturbance, asthma, and chronic infections may have spinal subluxations that upset the function of  their nervous system. Early detection and correction can protect against  build up of damage from taking place in the child’s nervous system.

How Often Do They Need To Come In?

It is difficult to know when your children need to see the chiropractor because they may nottypically have consistent pain. To assist with this issue  we advise setting normal wellness visits, the same way you would with your dentist and pediatrician. These help detect small problems before they develop into significant issues and permit children to maximize their health.

Here Is What We Suggest For Wellness Visit Schedule:

• Very first month of life (ASAP!)
• Every other week to once a month depending on the child
Other times to consider bring children in for a session consist of:
• Changes such as learning to sit up, crawling, walking, etc. and other developmental milestones.
• Any trauma, falls, and sports injuries.
• If you notice any signs of imbalance (limping, head tilting, etc.)
• Issues with ear infections, asthma, allergies, colic, and breast feeding.

Chiropractic care for children can help a host of all different issues, bring your child in as soon as possible to get checked if you’re concerned with any functional problems. Regular chiropractic wellness visits are a great addition to your whole family for optimal function and well-being.

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Cottage Grove Chiropractor Eliminates Adjustments Fears

Have You Ever Thought About How It Would Feel To Get Adjusted By A Chiropractor?

Imagining what a chiropractor might do to your back or neck can be scary if you never have been to a chiropractor. Television and gossip often paint a different picture than true reality. We often hear questions like: Will it hurt when you adjust us? Will it hurt after you adjust us? Many people originally visit a chiropractor because of some type of pain, soreness or stiffness. The thought of someone touching your sore spots is scary. Adjustments are usually easy and painfree. Many people and children talk about how good it feels to get adjusted. The good news is that we know many techniques to adjust your back even if you are in alot of pain.

adjustment fears

Chiropractic adjustments do NOT move your joints beyond their natural range of motion.  We evaluate your joints to look for areas that are restricted that can not move fully.  Adjustments assist the body in restoring normal motion to your joints.  This article explains how adjustments can be painless, what they feel like, what your body feels like after the adjustment, where on the body adjustments are usually made, conditions that are helped by adjustments, why you may hear a popping noise, and how adjustments can help you.  

What Do Adjustments Feel Like?

Everyone is different, but usually adjustments are gentle and pain-free. Children are known for telling it like it really is. If you watch a baby or toddlers get adjusted, you will notice they don’t cry, they just smile. We have seen crying babies with colic actually stop crying after they get adjusted.  As we check your spine we will find areas that are not working correctly.  When joints do not work correctly pressure builds in the joints and these areas are often swollen and may feel painful.  The body uses its own muscles to try to restore motion and to help stabilize or splint injured areas.  People commonly ask how we knew that it hurt there.  The answer is your body tells us.  As joint motion is restored the muscles can relax.  Adjustments release the body’s natural pain relieving chemicals called endorphins. Some people feel immediate relief of pressure and immediate improved range of motion.  It is common for us to hear people tell us that their headache is gone or that they can breathe better before they even leave our office.  When joints are painful and swollen it may hurt to touch them but we have many techniques to work around the painful spots.   

What Does It Feel Like After The Adjustment?

Most people feel great, but some feel slight pain or soreness in the area that was adjusted. When the joints are restricted and not moving correctly some of the muscles stop working correctly.  Chemicals build up in these restricted joints.  As motion is restored these chemicals are released and muscles work differently.  They may get sore, similar to doing a new workout for the first time.  If your body is out of alignment for an extended period of time, the muscles get used to being in a certain positions and they want to pull your body back to where it used to be.  As the body moves back to this incorrect position pain may return.  We use the example of if you take a sliver out of your finger it feels good.  If you were to put it back in that would not feel as good.  Adjustments take pressure off of your nerves similar to pulling a sliver out of your finger.  The best way to minimize the muscle soreness is to drink lots of water, do a few simple range of motion stretches, and use ice.

Some people feel a warming sensation throughout their body after an adjustment. This can be from restored nerve function or from an increase in vascular activity and pain relieving chemicals call endorphins being released. 

Check out the video below: Does It Hurt To Get Adjusted? 

Where On The Body Do They Do Adjustments (spinal manipulations)?

The back and neck are the most common adjustment locations, but shoulders, arms, legs, hands, feet, and your chest can also be in need of relieve from pain or stiffness. You don’t even need to get undressed.

What Conditions Are Helped By Adjustments?

Although people with many different types of conditions such as scoliosis, headaches, sciatica, arthritis, whiplash, sports injuries, accident injuries, carpel tunnel, and fibromyalgia visit the chiropractor.  WE DO NOT TREAT ANY SPECIFIC DISEASE!  We work with the nervous system to remove interference (subluxations) to the nervous system.  The nervous system controls healing in the body.  This is beneficial for everyone including those with or without conditions.  If you research chiropractic and any one of a number of conditions you may find research talking about how that person improved while going to the chiropractor.  The nervous system controls all functions in the body, so as your nervous system works better so do you.  

What Do Adjustments Do To The Anatomy?

The goal of an adjustment is to allow the nervous system to function properly.  When the spine is out of alignment it alters the function of the nervous system.  Adjustments restore normal range of motion to restricted joints.  Adjustments often release endorphins which are the body’s natural pain killers. As restrictions are broken up, trapped toxins are released and your soft tissues may feel some soreness.  As joint motion increases muscles are required to work again.  This increased activity sometimes makes the muscles sore. 

What About The Popping Noises?

When the joints do not work properly they wear out faster and build up pressure.  As we move the joints this pressure is released.  We often use the example of pressure on the inside of a pop can.  When you open the top of a pop bottle we often hear a release of pressure.  

What If I Don’t Like Hearing The Noise Or Having My Neck Or Back Twisted, Is There Other Ways To Get Adjusted? 

Yes; we have techniques for adjusting the spine for people who do not like hearing the popping noise or feeling the twisting.  We can utilize adjusting tools called an activator and an integrator to adjust your spine.  This is a great option for kids who can’t relax while getting adjusted.  It also works great for people with previous surgeries or disc injuries.   

If you would like to share with our readers your experiences about how it felt to get adjusted comment below.


Pediatric Chiropractic

Does Chiropractic Care Improve Health In Children?

This study, published in the Journal of Chiropractic
Research, found that there is a “definite correlation
between chiropractic care and superior health.”

In fact, this study “has shown that children raised under chiropractic
care are less prone to infectious processes such as otitis
media and tonsillitis, and that their immune systems are
better able to cope with allergens such as pollen,weeds,
grasses, etc. compared to children raised under allopathic
care. There is also a significant decreased history of
antibiotic use among the ‘Chiropractic’ children, indicating
a lower susceptibility to bacterial infections as a result of
their greater immune system response.”
Thanks to Dan Murphy for emphasizing these points:

1. There is a “definite correlation between chiropractic care and superior

2. 69% of the chiropractic children never experienced otitis media,
compared to 80% of medical children who did.

3. There is a significant decreased history of antibiotic use among the
chiropractic children, “indicating a lower susceptibility to bacterial
infections as a result of greater immune system response.”

FROM: Journal of Chiropractic Research 1989; 5 (Summer):
Van Breda W, Van Breda J

The Abstract:
Two hundred pediatricians and two hundred chiropractors that were selected were surveyed to determine what, if any, differences were to be found in the health status of their respective children as raised under the different health care models. With usable responses of 35% from the chiropractors and 36% from the pediatricians, analysis of the results indicates a definite correlation between chiropractic care and superior
health. While the ‘medical’ children had a history of fewer childhood diseases, they also had received a considerably higher percentage of childhood immunizations (94%), as compared to the ‘chiropractic’ children (25%). The ‘chiropractic’ children showed a 69% otitis media free response, while the ‘medical’ children only had a 20% otitis media free response. Pediatricians were more likely to feel that every child would have been on a
course of antibiotics at least once, and some suggested that almost 100% of children suffer from otitis media, whereas many chiropractors reported that their children had never been on antibiotics, and the occurrence of infectious diseases was significantly less among the latter sample. The results of the study confirm the benefits of the chiropractic model of health care on the health status of children.

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